Kuma Edge

Kuma has been incorporated keeping the automobile industry in mind.

It understands the market trends, anticipates change and adapts itself to fulfill the demand. Not only this, its strategies are purely based on customer satisfaction.

Starting from raw materials to research and final product development, excellence is the underlying principle. This is the reason why most of the noted industry names take pride in partnering with Kuma. Easy and quick access to world class research facilities for all its developmental needs lends the company a leading edge. This translates to improved and consistent product properties, longevity and performance.

In other words while fabricating steel tubes its final application is taken into consideration while the basic material used is of the finest quality. Bestowed with latest technological facilities and hi-tech machines Maruchi Kuma has amassed remarkable manufacturing capacity of high frequency induction welded steel tubing yearly. The company owns advanced tube mill that holds the distinction of being the only mill in India that is powered by High Frequency induction welding technology in order to manufactures high quality stainless steel tubes.

We use our proficiency to match your demands and the outcome is- Supreme class assortment of Stainless Steel / Aluminized Steel Tubing!

Universal Forming

With the ability of Quick size changeover we have gained utmost flexibility enabling us to deliver in a swift manner.


Rotary Cutting

This modern technology has helped us in cutting down the wastage of resources empowering us to serve customers in best possible way. Rotary cutting technique controls the mil lengths to a significant level that makes it better than the circular saws.

Fundamental Strength

All the input values together with premium class basic material and advanced process enable us to maintain consistency in various attributes of our products.


Induction Welding

The welding of tubes in different mills is performed by using variable high frequency induction welding technology. This step ensures that all the tubes have tremendous welding strength eliminating the need to use any of filler materials. Besides, any drawback in the weld quality is detected instantly through the use of Eddy Current Tester.

Internal Scarfing

The scarfing of the internal weld seam is done accurately as per the exact requirements of the clients.


Dimensional Accuracy

Modular Sizing Machine along with single stand sizing operation result in products having great dimensional precision.

Customer Specific End Finish

For MARUICHI KUMA Tube finishing is extremely important. As a result hi-tech cutting machines have been installed that empower us to offer tubes that are perfectly cut to size, deburred, chamfered and cleaned. Additionally, use of these machines results in minimal tube wastage along with reduction in storage costs and working time.